Flowers, Flowers and Flowers.

While you’re travelling to new places, you’re bound to be out of your comfort zone. Suddenly you don’t know many people around you,  your everyday routine is a whole lot different and sometimes you just need to sacrifice stuff you took for granted while you were at home. But there will be certain things that you can relate to. They can be habits, etiquette, surroundings and all kinds of things that are included in the everyday life in that place.

These particular things, either small or big, always bring a smile to my face. That’s when I go, “Ah… I’m an alien here after all!” . Flowers are one of my top targets, as they’re present everywhere and at least one of them identifies to one in my home-town. So these beautiful flowers make up 20% of my Happiness level.

Here are pictures of some that I tend to find frequently.

Do you find something common everywhere you go? Feel free to share your thoughts below through the comments area.


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