The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

I love reading books and I’ll have to admit that I’m addicted to it, to the point where each day feels incomplete without reading one. Well I have this desire to snatch every single book in the shelve, every time I visit a book store. It’s like I’m drooling on the inside. And every time I finish reading a book I always want to yap yap my thoughts on the it. So I thought, what better way than to share my thoughts and reviews on books here! If you’re like me, I guess I’ll take you one step closer to picking up that next book you’ll be devouring for the next few days. So let’s start with one of my all time favourites, “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini.

This wonderfully written debut novel by Hosseini gives a glimpse of life in Afghanistan prior to the Russian invasion and introduces two memorable characters, Amir and Hassan. Amir struggles to earn his father’s love and attention and finally succeeds by winning a kite-flying competition. Hassan offers to track down the opponent’s runaway kite as a prize for his friend, Amir. While finding it, the neighborhood bullies trap and rape him, as Amir hides too terrified to help. This changes their lives and friendship forever and the memory of his cowardly act haunts Amir as he grows older.

The two of them go their own separate ways with their fathers. Amir attends college, gets married and fulfills his dream of becoming a writer. When Amir receives word of  Hassan’s death under the Taliban, he returns to Kabul to learn about the fate of Hassan’s son. The story hits a sad turn in between but its wonderful how it end’s in hope.

Rating: 5/5


2 thoughts on “The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

  1. I read this book as part of my A-Level English Lit course and I’ll admit that I wasn’t that keen. Sometimes that happens just because I’m studying the book but with this one I really wasn’t taken I’m afraid. There were too many coincidences for my liking and I didn’t like the ending that seemed to be tagged on after where I felt the novel should end. Not to my liking afraid but I enjoyed reading your review =)

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