Bathe In Blood – 2

Dad and Sam were long gone. Mom is out in the garden watering her flowers. It’s summer vacation and all of my friends are out of town. We are going to our aunt’s place in  Ohio next week, so we’ll be here in Almont for a few days. I can see that this is going to be a boring vacation. I hate these long vacations, they’re as boring as heck!

With nothing to do and the whole day ahead of me, I feel that there is nothing better than taking a nap. I turned on my iPod and listened to a few Coldplay tunes, when I fell sound asleep. I hear a ring coming from afar.. It sounds like my cellphone. Is this a dream? I finally opened my eyes reluctantly and grabbed my cell phone from the side table.

“Hello?”, I said with a sleepy voice.

“Hi Eva! How are you?”

“Hey Iris. I’m fine, thanks. How about you?”

“I’m doing great. It’s fun here in Auburn! I’m going out to the skateboard park with my brothers today. What about you? Having fun back there in Almont?”

“Nah, it’s boring here. I’ve got nothing to do lately!”

“Ah, I see. You should go out somewhere. Oops, Eva I’ve got to go. They’re calling me. I’ll talk to you later and have a good day!

“Thanks, Iris. Have fun! Bye.”


That was Iris, one of the most talkative and hyper-active friend I’ve ever had. She’s always doing something cool and fun. I wish I was doing something  right now. I’m suddenly awake all of a sudden and I’m feeling very thirsty. I’ll go down to the kitchen and fetch a glass of water.

I went to garden to have a look at mom and she wasn’t there. Where could she be?

“Mom, Are you here?” I scouted all around the house but she wasn’t there. She’s definitely at aunt Beck’s place next door I thought. Ah, these old women and their family talk…



To be continued….
Note:Read the synopsis here. Readers, please feel free to leave comments and opinions below in the comments area. I am open to comments on the Bathe in Blood series. All copyright is reserved by Abinav Thakuri. This work cannot be produced or replicated anywhere else without the owner’s prior consent. The series will be printed into a full length novel and will be available for purchase  when completed.

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