Paintings by my mom.

Oh how I loveĀ art! I can really say that my love and passion for art comes from my Mom. I remember seeing her make wonderful sketches and paintings when I was a child and I took it seriously to engage in it myself. Well mom is back here at home for a few months. But sadly she’s going back to Genova to join the cruise šŸ˜¦ I wish she would never go but well she has to go back to work..

Well here are two of the paintings she did while she was here as a result of me encouraging her to do what she loves, as always!

The Horizon (through an airplane window).

On a day of days,
I stood and gazed,
Over the western sea,
I was completely dazed,
Wide-mouthed and amazed,
when a mermaid called to me.

Ooh-Ooooh Ooooooooooh, my sunny sailor boy,
ooh-Ooooh Ooooooooooh, my sunny sailor boy.