Where the road is dark and cold.

I don’t know where I’m headed,

I wonder what will be ahead,

But I know that there can never be a dead end,

As long as I have the will to defend.

So I keep walking this empty road,

That seems ever sad and bored,

I know I’ll see the light, the paradise,

For now I walk where the road is dark and cold.


Simply Life

Open your eyes to the beauty of life…

The story of life is what you want it to be
So open your eyes to the truth and you shall see,
Everything you want and everything you hope for
Is there if you only work towards your goal and you will see you receive more.

What you feel and what you think
Is what you write in your story of life with an uneraseable ink,
So love and do good
And everyone and everything around you will love you back like they should.