Bathe In Blood – 1

It’s been days since I have stepped outside the house. I’ve been ignoring calls from friends and relatives because it feels like I no longer have the voice to talk to them. I’d rather be alone, for at least I feel a lot safer here. These last few days have been very weird. What I have seen, I just cannot explain. Is it a dream or is it reality? This is a question I’ve been asking myself a thousand times. I still remember last Monday. I didn’t know…I just didn’t know…

(Last Monday)

“Eva, come down for breakfast honey. The boys are in a hurry to go fishing today! ” . Mom stood in the kitchen, looking up at me coming down the stairs. She had a big smile on her face like always. At 45, she looks younger than her age. She is a peaceful woman, loves everyone and everything around her and sells home-made crafts. Everyone calls her Ab, her real name being Abby Garcia.

“Hey Princess! Make sure you don’t go too far into the woods today.Stay with your mom. We heard romours of the Martians entering town yesterday. They might be camping in the woods”. Dad had his common grin that looked pretty evil at times and stuffed a large piece of the sandwich into his mouth like he was in some eating contest. He has a sense of humour that could get rather irritating sometimes. People call him Rocky while his real name is Ron Garcia. He is a farmer.

My little brother, Sam eats his breakfast quietly. He doesn’t talk all that much. But I doubt that it’s just because he’s bored with talking to us. He is a hardcore metal-head,the kind who’d prefer praying to the likes of Metallica rather than Jesus Christ. At 16, he has been busy the last few days finding members for his first heavy metal band.

“Are you done yet Sam?”, dad cried out loud with a hint of restlessness to his voice. He loved going out for fishing.

“Yes dad, let’s go.”, said Sam swallowing the last piece of his sandwich.

To be continued….
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